Streamline Operations, Improve Customer Satisfaction

With the LoJack® LotSmart™ inventory management system. Available nationwide.

It was the best decision to preinstall LoJack in over 10,000 new cars that we sold last year. D. Salsido President of Sansone Auto Network
  • Location

    Create a Seamless Sales Process

    60% of dealer personnel say they’ve jeopardized a sale because they can’t find a vehicle on the lot.1 With LotSmart, you’ll know the location of your entire vehicle inventory, so you can avoid falling victim to the frenzy of a busy sales weekend and ensure a hiccup-free car buying experience for customers.

  • Battery Alerts

    Save Time & Money on Dead Batteries

    Dead battery bills can add up. LotSmart alerts you when a vehicle has a low battery so you can make sure test drives and deliveries go according to plan.

  • Integrated with Law Enforcement

    Increase Lot Protection & Security

    Dealerships aren’t immune to having vehicles stolen. With LotSmart’s virtual boundaries, you can monitor test drives and get alerts if a vehicle leaves the lot when it shouldn’t. And thanks to LoJack’s direct integration with law enforcement—If a vehicle is stolen off the lot, simply report it to the police, and we can automatically provide them its location.

  • Inventory

    Speed Up Inventory Turn Rates

    With on-demand inventory status reports, LotSmart can help you prioritize which vehicles need to be sold first and lower the burden of your aged inventory.

  • Integration

    Easier Floor Plan Checks

    Remove the stress of flooring checks at your dealership. LotSmart gives you instant access to pinpoint vehicle locations so you can quickly find any vehicle on the lot.

  • Across Device Platforms

    Monitor Your Loaner Fleet

    Know the status and location of your loaner vehicles around the clock. Get alerted of risky driving behavior with speed and crash alerts.

Bring LotSmart™ to your dealership

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Create a Seamless Car Buying Experience

Create a Seamless Car Buying Experience

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The Benefits of Lot Management for Car Dealers

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The 5 Features Every Lot Management System Needs

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Learn More About LoJack's Dealer Portfolio

Learn More About LoJack's Dealer Portfolio

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1. Source: Internal LoJack survey of dealership personnel conducted April 2017.

LotSmart and SureDrive available through App Store® and the Google Play™ store only. Services available only in the United States. Availability of LotSmart and SureDrive services may depend on cellular and GPS coverage, certain functionality may depend on vehicle’s year, make and model. Use of LotSmart is subject to the LotSmart by LoJack Purchase and Service Agreement. Use of SureDrive is subject to the SureDrive Terms of Use and the SureDrive Privacy Policy. Message and data rates may apply. Visit and for details and limitations.